Your Privacy

Any information collected here is kept private.  I do not use your info for any purpose other than contacting you, and sending out opt-in notification for pipe availability.


No refunds are given for custom pipes, and commissioned pipes.  Once you custom order a pipe it goes on the ‘pipes to build’ list, and I purchase wood and stem material for it.  Smoked pipes are not returnable. 

Built Time

Just like everybody else, when I order something I am eager to get it quick. However, pipe build time estimates are just that, estimates.  Many factors can cause my given estimates to change.  For example, when I give an estimate of 4 weeks, it might be 4 weeks, or it might be a few weeks shorter or longer.  Briar and pipe making materials is not the type of items you get at the local hardware store.  Briar is a seasonal wood, and pipe stem material is getting harder to come by, and with too many fly by night carvers now a days popping up, material has become a bit harder to source in a timely manner.  

Defective pipes will be repaired, or replaced.  However due to the personal nature of pipes, returns are NOT accepted on any pre made, or custom pipe. 

90 Day Warranty

Many factors on your end can cause a pipe to not smoke well, moist tobacco, incorrect packing, incorrect lighting, incorrect smoking, etc.  But if you get a pipe that has inherent problems, for example, small air hole, cracked bowl, cracked stem, obstructed passages, etc.  I will correct, or if needed replace it free of charge, for the first 90 days from the date of purchase.  This does not include damage caused by the buyer, or smoker.  You have to ship it to me at your cost, I will ship it back free of charge to you.

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